Bathroom Heater Cecotec, 05353

  • Maximum power: 2000 watt
  • Double usability: Dry wet towels ad heat rooms up to 10 m2 fast and efficiently.
  • Includes 1500-W ceramic heater on the bottom part that increases the towel rack’s power and helps heating in less time.
  • Features LED display that shows room temperature and allows adjusting temperature.
  • Includes remote control to use and schedule the electric towel rack easy and comfortably.
  • Up to 24-hour timer with auto-off, for easy use.
  • Includes assembly kit with all components required for the wall installation.
  • Perfect for bathrooms thanks to its IPX1 protection certificate that makes it resistant to water.
  • Protection against overheating with Auto-Off system that stops operation automatically in case of overheating, avoiding possible risks.
  • Features safety child lock function, to ensure no children can operate it.
  • Allows adjusting temperature from 5 ºC to 40 ºC. Choose the ideal temperature for every moment and situation.
  • Ιnstallation by an electrician is required.