Vacuum Cleaner Cecotec, 05544

The package includes

  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Accessories for hard floors
  • Fluid absorption accessories
  • Accessories for fabrics 2 in 1 furniture / corner accessories
  • Hose
  • Metal telescopic tube
  • Manual


  • Bagless
  • Absorbs all kinds of dirt
  • High efficiency water filter
  • 4 wheels for easy movement
  • Blow function
  • Suction power up to 18 kPa
  • Capacity: 20 lt
  • Silent 69 dB level operation.
  • Power: 1400 watts.

The vacuum cleaner, from the company Cecotec, is suitable for solids and liquids and absorbs all kinds of dirt, from any corner of your home. With a maximum power of 1400 W and double filtration with a high efficiency water filter that cleans the air. It has a 20 Lt tank without a bag, a large radius of action up to 8 m and easy movement thanks to the 4 wheels.