Convector Cecotec, 05374

  • Maximum power: 1200 watt
  • Its large coverage area of up to 15 m² makes it possible to reach the desired temperature in a short period of time in a room of that size.
  • Its control via Wi-Fi through a Smartphone allows you to select the different operating configurations of the transmitter.
  • Thanks to its LCD screen and its remote control, the transmitter offers total control in an intelligent and comfortable way.
  • It has a programmable timer , thanks to which you can set the specific time and time you want the transmitter to work.
  • Thanks to its thermostat, the transmitter detects the current room temperature and it is possible to select the desired temperature from a range of 5º to 40º .
  • Maximum adaptability since the emitter can be located both on the wall in a fixed way or thanks to its legs, in a portable way throughout the home.
  • It has 2 security systems , safety against overheating (protects your home) and safe for children (prevents them from changing the settings).