Terms of use

Product guarantee

In order to fully comply with the EU Legislation on Product Warrantees, ANDREAS CHARALAMBOUS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES LTD (the Company) offers a limited 2-year warranty to the buyer of the product (the Customer). This limited warranty is in force as of the date of purchase. In case the product is replaced, the term of warranty shall continue to be in force for the rest of the two-year period.

During the term of warranty, ANDREAS CHARALAMBOUS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES LTD, at its discretion, shall repair or replace free of charge the faulty product. ANDREAS CHARALAMBOUS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES LTD shall return the repaired product or another product to the buyer in operational condition. In case of product repair, the faulty part/s shall be replaced. It is noted that the terms accessories or parts include all parts of the product without any exceptions.

In order for the limited warranty to be in force the buyer is obliged to present the original receipt of the product and deliver the product at one of the ANDREAS CHARALAMBOUS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES LTD stores. It is noted that all products must be in their initial condition and include all accessories and packaging.

The warranty does not apply to natural wear and in the following cases:

1. The defect was caused because the product has been subject to use in a manner not conforming to the instructions of the manufacturer, abuse, if it was exposed to humidity or extreme hot or environmental conditions, or sudden changes in such conditions, corrosion, rusting, non-authorized modifications or connections, non-authorized opening or repair, repair with the use of non-authorized spare parts, misuse, unsuitable installation, accident, natural phenomena, which are beyond the reasonable control of COMPANY (including for instance defects in the department of consumable parts such as batteries, which as a rule have a limited life) unless the defect was caused directly because of the use of defective materials, designs or workmanship
2. The customer has not notified the COMPANY about the defect within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of a defect during the warranty period.
3. The product is not returned to the COMPANY within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of a defect during the warranty period.
4. The product serial number, the identifying date code, or the IMEI number, have been removed, deleted, defaced or altered or are illegible
5. The defect was created due to the fact that the product was used or connected with accessory that is not appropriate to the technical characteristics of the device.
6. The defect was caused by a defective network operation.
7. The product has not been checked by the technical department of Company to establish and verify the defect of the appliance.
8. This limited warranty is the sole and exclusive means for customer satisfaction according to COMPANY and the sole and exclusive liability of COMPANY against the client for defects or malfunction of the product. This limited warranty substitutes all other guarantees and obligations, either verbal, written (non-mandatory) by law, conventional, malfeasance or others. COMPANY will not, under any circumstances, be liable for direct damage, costs or expenses, if the client is a legal person.
9. If the customer does not collect the items he/she has brought in for repair within three months, then the company shall not be liable for their safe keeping.
10. All consumables or components of a product (for instance chargers, batteries, headphones, feed-gear, etc) are covered by a warranty for good function under terms referred to third paragraph, for a period not exceeding three months.
11. The warranty is valid for products that have been sold by the COMPANY. In case of a defective product, it is customer's obligation to deliver the product at any Company’s stores (excluding big household appliances where the technician's visit is required, e.g. washing machines, fridges, cookers etc). It should be noted that in the event that the buyer sent the product to the store via courier, shipping costs are charged to the buyer.

The Company shall bear no responsibility for any total or partial loss of personal data during the repairing of the device. The exclusive responsibility for the safekeeping of personal data in any electronic device lies only with the legal user of the product. In addition, the Company bears no responsibility for any partial or total loss of data that may be due to a defect of the electronic device, whether this was caused by a manufacturing mistake (included in the warranty) or by a user mistake (excluded from the warranty).

The company guarantees that all products, at the time of their original purchase, are free from defects in workmanship, materials, design and human work, under the above terms and conditions.

We are at your disposal for any assistance or service is necessary to repair damage to your appliances, even in case you had not supply the devices from our company.


After Sales Service

Our company as the largest retail chain of home electrical appliances in Cyprus was established in the market mainly for its friendly and professional service while building customer relationships.

Our staff as well as our external partners, is always at your disposal to resolve any problems that may arise after your purchase, even in the case of products of any brand bought out of our company, so feel free to contact us any time required.


Terms and Conditions


Τhe website « www.andreascharalambouscy.com » is an online shop that is created and operated by Andreas Charalambous Electrical Appliances Ltd (‘COMPANY’), located in Kofinou,Larnaca, Agiou Epictitou 1,7735 with electronic contact address andreas.charalambous@axelectricals.com.cy and phone line 24817444. The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the website with the brand ANDREAS CHARALAMBOUS located online at www.andreascharalambouscy.com . Each user who enters and transacts or use the services of the shop deemed consents and accepts the following conditions bellow, without exception. If someone does not agree to these terms, then must the responsibility to refrain from visiting, using the site as well as from any transaction or use of the services of the shop.
General Terms
The COMPANY reserves the right to amend or revise freely the terms and conditions of use and transactions from the online store, whenever it deems it necessary, it undertakes to inform consumers of any change in the pages of this online store.
Information and Products
The COMPANY is committed to accuracy, truth and completeness of the information listed in the online shop, regarding the identity of the COMPANY and the services provided through the online store, transactions. The COMPANY, in good faith, is not responsible and is not bound by electronic data entries made in error / mistake in the common experience and shall be entitled to correct these whenever perceive their existence.
Liability Limitation
The COMPANY in the process of operating the online store is not to be held responsible and is not under any liability for any damage or injury resulting from the cancellation of orders, failure to perform or delay of their execution for any reason. The COMPANY informs the customer concerned, based on its records, of the availability or otherwise of the products exhibited in the online shop and takes care in case of changes of these factors influencing availability, and the time to inform customers about the unavailability of products, and it has no further responsibility. The online store provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos, and illustrations), products and services available through the website "as is". In no case the company will be held civilly or criminally liable for any damage which might be suffered visiting the online shop by customers or third parties related to the operation or not and / or use of the website and / or inability to provide services or / and products and / or information available from this and / or any unauthorized third party interventions to products and / or services and / or information available through it.
The entire contents of the shop, including the trade names, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts etc., they are the intellectual property of the COMPANY and are protected by the relevant provisions of Cypriot law, European law and international conventions. Any copying, transfer or creation of derivative works based on such content, or misleading the public about the real provider of the shop.

Price policy

The website of the COMPANY reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to the customer.
Product Guarantees Return Policy, Shipping & Cancellation Policy
Please read carefully the corresponding paragraphs.


Cancellation Policy

Andreas Charalambous Electrical Appliances Limited (‘COMPANY’) gives you the option to cancel your order in the following ways:

In case you have chosen to pick up your order from one of our stores or to be delivered and installed by us, you can cancel your order at any time up to 2 working days, after the order confirmation date, by contacting the responsible store during working hours.

In case you have chosen the Home Delivery or the Pick-up from AkisExpress office, you can cancel your order at any time before the product is handed to the delivery service. After the dispatch of the product, your order status will automatically update and you will no longer be able to cancel it. Of course, you can return the product you bought following our Returns Policy.


Returns Policy

As one of the core values of our company, is the customer to be always pleased and satisfied. Taking this into account, our Returns or Replacements Policy focuses on the following points on the condition that the original receipt is always and in all cases presented. You can return your purchase within 14 calendar days of the delivery of goods to you or the recipient designated by you, all transportation costs and any loss of value of goods are to be incurred by customers.

You have the right to withdraw without cause from your purchase within 14 calendar days of your purchase date, returning the products / product in original condition, i.e. without being unsealed or have breached their packaging, and all shipping costs are to be incurred by the customer.

The right to return begins from the day of receiving the goods, not before delivery, and it involves returning all the documentation required from completing the purchase and ensuring that products are handled with care and are kept in good condition under your responsibility until received by us in the location indicated by us, with all delivery and shipping costs to be incurred by the customer.

Our company returns the amount shown on the sales receipt or invoice when the item returned is received.

The right of return is not valid and does not apply in the following cases:

1. Where the sale is paid in our physical stores and the receipt of the products is carried out by our physical stores as the sale is not online.

2. When the products are used (installation, operating position, entry registration products, setting accessory parts).

3. In case of products from categories Sound & Vision and Computing, which were unsealed and are removed from packaging.

4. Where products are not suitable for return after opened for hygienic reasons (shaving-epilator machines, electric toothbrushes, cookware, etc.).

5. In the case of digital material, if installation/application began with the client’s consent and updated, the client loses the right of withdrawal.

6. In service cases (such installation, connection, tuning etc.) the client has not the right of withdrawal after the service has been provided.

7. Where products are returned without packaging or damaged packaging.

8. Where products are intended for professional activities.

The client to make use of the right of our returns policy must inform the company of its decision by mail or email. Furthermore, the customer must deliver the returned item to the company within the agreed period incurring all delivery and shipping costs.

For a valid return under its terms and conditions described above and after receipt and inspection of the product(s) returned, the customer will be credited with a credit note equal value to the price of products originally purchased and will be cashed by the same way of the original transaction.


Pick up & Shipping Methods

The users of the online store can be informed of the shipping or installation cost, when they proceed with their order from the tool "Delivery Method" according to their post code. In case you wish to receive your order from our store, there is no extra charge.
For your ease and convenience, ANDREAS CHARALAMBOUS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES LTD ('Company') has the following ways of shipping products:

Products in categories Sound & Vision, Heating & Cooling, Small Appliances, BBQ (except air conditioners).

1. Pick up from our shop
Choose the shop you wish to pick-up your product, completely FREE. The order processing time is 2 to 48 working hours. When your order is ready for pick-up you will be notified by phone.

2. Shipping in 100 Akis Express pick up locations

Select one of the 100 locations of Akis Express in all cities to receive your order. For purchases up to €30, charge fee is €5, while for purchases over €30 is FREE of charge!

Products belonging to categories White Appliances, Professional Appliances & Air Conditioners.

1. Pick up from our shop
Choose the shop you wish to pick-up your product, completely FREE. The order processing time is 2 to 48 working hours. When your order is ready for pick-up you will be notified by phone.
2. Shipping in 100 Akis Express pick up locations

Select one of the 100 locations of Akis Express in all cities to receive your order. The charge in this case is €15.

3. Home delivery
Choose home delivery and relax! Your order will reach you in 2 - 5 working days and it's free for purchases over €30 except for domestic appliances where delivery and installation cost apply supplementary to your order. In cases of remote areas where home delivery cannot be carried out, you can choose one of the two pick-up options.
In case of products with large volume (such as washing machines, refrigerators, cookers, etc.), these items are transferred to the ground floor of the address indicated by the customer. If the customer wishes to transfer the product to another floor, then the customer will be charged the cost of transportation. Clarified that for any damage caused to the device during transportation from the ground floor to the first floor, the COMPANY is not responsible, as the risk passes to the customer, from the moment the product is delivered on the ground floor of the address designated by the customer. The delivery of the product must be requested by the customer, either by COMPANY for the direct delivery of this at the address indicated by the customer.
The Company is not responsible for delays in the execution of the order, including the delivery, due to circumstances not attributable to the fault or due to force majeure (strikes, natural disasters, problems with suppliers, governmental or legislative acts that change trade arrangements) and shall be entitled, where appropriate, an extension of time for execution.

Installation Costs
In cases of products where installation is required, our Company’s specialized teams provide the following services:
Installation Products from Sound & Vision:

The installation cost includes:
• Unpacking the device
• Tuning of the available channels, in the order indicated (provided proper antenna operation)
• Connecting the device with existing audio and sound devices, if they are compatible (provided corresponding cables)
• Demonstrate usage and basic functions
• TV wall brackets: Installation at the point the customer will show
Installation Products from categories White Goods & Professional Appliances

The installation cost includes:
• Unpacking the device
• Install and connect the device to a place designated, provided that all the conditions have been fulfilled (electricity, water &drainage).
• Demonstrate usage and basic functions.
• In case a fork lift is needed, then the customer will be charged the cost.

Air Condition Installation:

Power (BTU) Cost (€)
9.000 100
12.000 100
18.000 120
24.000 120

The installation cost includes:
1. Installing the air conditioner in a place designated by the client or based on the provision of the premise.
2. Use insulated copper pipes up to 3 meters. (In case of using additional copper pipes, the price per meter is: 9.000 BTU & 12.000 BTU: € 10 / 18.000 BTU & 24.000BTU: € 15)

Extra charge:
• Air-condition Brackets: € 20
• Removing an old air conditioner: € 30
• Installing a heater switch: € 15
• Installation an isolator: € 40
• Installation of decorative channel (tracking) per meter: € 10
Air Condition installation must be requested by the customer. For other types of air conditioner, e.g. cassette type or floor type, the price of the installation depends on each case. The final installation cost will be determined after a study visit by our company technician.


Order Methods

You can order the products of your interest choosing from the following methods:

1. Call us within the working hours of our stores.

2. Through our online store at www.andreascharalambouscy.com

3. Visit us at one of our stores.

• Note that placing your order in one of our stores does not automatically mean that you will receive the product immediately. Delivery time is exactly the same as for other ordering methods.

• Indicative availability is indicated in our website for all products. However, product availability varies daily depending on the dealership and the type of product. In either case, the products that are readily available can be delivered within 1- 4 working days. Otherwise, delivery is usually achieved within 2 - 5 working days, while for some products not in stock the delivery time may take up to 10 working days, or for pre-orders will apply the agreed delivery time agreed between the company and the customer.