Gas BBQ Outdoorchef, 570 G LEON

1 Porcelain enamel burner

Power: 8.5 kW

Non-stick grate, with porcelain enamel

Cast iron grate (Layout: Diamond)

Piezoelectric ignition

Easy Flip hopper system (for direct / indirect baking)

Built-in thermometer cap

Base support for the lid

It has hooks to hang your tools

2 wheels for easier transport

Base for placing tools or the 7.5 kg LPG bottle

Easy cleaning

570 G LEON

The OutdoorChef® Leon 570G LPG grill is very easy to use and it will amaze you with its capabilities and will give you delicious grilling. Its spherical shape (Kettle type) will ensure the same performance and uniform heat dissipation throughout the grilling surface, it has a circular burner with porcelain enamel, 2 grilling grates and the innovative inverted funnel system, Easy-Flip. The hopper, on the one hand, offers you the possibility for direct and indirect grilling and on the other hand leads the fats and the dried residues to the special grease collector, reducing the unwanted ignitions, protecting the burner and cleaning the grill easy. By placing the hopper in its normal position (indirect roasting), you will be able to smoke and roast large pieces of meat and pizzas while placing it in the volcano position (direct roasting) you will be able to roast and cook using a pan or wok. In addition, it has 2 wheels for easy movement as well as a base for placing the 7.5 Kg propane bottle.