Gas BBQ Outdoorchef, 570 G AROSA

2 GBT stainless steel burners with electric ignition

Power: 12.7 kW

Temperature setting from 80-360°C

Non-stick grate, with porcelain enamel

It has hooks to hang your tools

Gas safety system (GSS)

Lighting system on the switches

Piezoelectric ignition

Easy Flip funnel system (for direct / indirect grilling)

LPG Bottle storage stand and side shelf

2 wheels for easier transport


The grey steel Arosa 570 gas grill by OutdoorChef®️, is a modern grill that will amaze you with its capabilities and will give you delicious grilling experience. It has two GBT stainless steel burners (Gourmet Burner Technology) and is ideal for making modern slow-cooked dishes such as whole pieces of meat that are cooked perfectly at temperatures between 100 and 130 °C. By placing the funnel in its normal position (indirect grilling), you will be able to smoke and roast large pieces of meat and pizzas, while placing it in the volcano position (direct grilling) you will be able to grill and cook.