Hand Blender Cecotec, 04293


  • Measuring cup without BPA 800 ml, so you can prepare your preparations comfortably.Includes lid.
  • Stir to mix and beat the cream or eggs
  • Ice Blade blade, designed to crush ice
  • 2 stirrers for making cakes
  • Mashed potato
  • Cutter 600 ml for chopping and kneading any food


  • 4 blades with black titanium coating
  • Model XL with very long leg
  • Anti-splash design
  • Fix Plus system easy installation and removal of the foot and accessories
  • LED lamp with operation indicator
  • Speed ​​selector with Turbo function
  • Gentle touch handle

The Power TitanBlack 1200 XL Perfect Cream & Crush hand blender, from Cecotec, will become your ultimate ally in the kitchen. With 4-blade CrossBlades technology with black titanium coating, which increases the hardness and acidity to grind even the toughest foods, achieving smooth and uniform textures. Model XL with very long leg for greater comfort. The hand blender has an anti-splash design that allows cleaner use by mixing and grinding at the same time without splashing in the work area. The Fix Plus system that guarantees easy installation and removal of the foot and accessories. With adjustable speed selector and Turbo function to guarantee perfect pulp in any recipe.