Blender Cecotec, 04118

  • Power: 2000 watt
  • 8 blades with black titanium coating
  • Hermetic lid with an opening to add ingredients
  • UltraMove technology
  • Smoothie program
  • Ice Crush program
  • Purée program for sauces, purées and creamy soups
  • Manual speed control for extra-fine results
  • Jar is designed with square and tilted base
  • Jar capacity: 2 lt
  • Immobile-design non-skid base with suction cups for greater control
  • Security Check System
  • Operation light indicators for a more user-friendly use
  • Measuring cup to add ingredients during its operation
  • Easy to clean thanks to its easy-to-disassemble blades
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Semi-professional jug blender Power Black Titanium 2000 Pro, 2000 W, 8-star blade coated with black titanium and 3 preset programs for smoothies, ice crushing and purée.