Refrigerator Side-by-Side Lg, GSL760PZUZ

  • Display: External LED
  • Digital Sensors
  • Direct Freeze System
  • Child safety lock
  • Door alarm
  • Cooling system: Total No Frost
  • Audio volume (dB): 39
  • Energy class: A ++ 
  • Energy consumption (kWh / year): 376
  • Time of autonomy in case of failure (hours): 10
  • Cooling Capacity (kg / 24hr): 12
  • Coolant: R600a
  • Motor: Linear Compressor 10 Year warranty (on the motor)
  • Door Color: Shiny
  • Handle Type: Humpta
  • Water supply
  • Water puddle
  • Ice supply (from dispenser)
  • Provision of crushed ice
  • Water filter (Wardrobe only): External
  • Bio Shield (Anti-microbial coating)
  • Capacity in lt (freezing): 196
  • Capacity in lt (maintenance): 405
  • Color: Shiny
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 179 x 91.2 x 73.8 cm

Total No Frost:
LG's Total No Frost's top technology ensures freshness, cleanliness, faster cooling and energy savings.
Multi Air Flow Homogeneous cooling is achieved through the Multi Air Flow system of LG, where cold air circulates through multiple air ducts, ensuring effective cooling at the same temperature everywhere, up to 76% more uniform than the semi-refrigerators No Frost.
Energy Class A ++
The linear compressor provides more power savings of up to 32% compared to LG's conventional compressor, making the product more efficient.
Smart Diagnosis
LG Smart Diagnosis is a quick and easy way to troubleshoot your device without having to wait for a technical visit. Just call the LG customer service helpline, put the phone on the device and the device will send a signal to a diagnostic computer that can diagnose within a few seconds to give you an immediate solution
LED lighting
LED lighting intelligently illuminates your refrigerator and everything in it. Have you ever found a bag of damaged vegetables that you could not find in the back of your refrigerator? Did you need to put food on top of each other, so that the only lamp in your radiator is covered, dipped in the dark? LG LED lighting intelligently illuminates all the parts of your radiator.
Moist Balanced Crisper
It is a drawer with a special mesh lid that keeps moisture at the optimum level. The moisture from the stored food is evaporated and then condensed into the mesh cover, maintaining the correct moisture balance in the drawer