Air Condition LG 18000 BTU A++, S18EQ

  • Category: 18000Btu
  • SEER: 6.5
  • SCOP: 4.0
  • Energy class - Cooling: A ++
  • Energy class - Heating: A +
  • Indoor unit of noise level (db): 59
  • External noise level unit (db): 65
  • Cooling (Btu / h) (Min / Nominal / Max): 3.071 / 17.065 / 5.525
  • Heating  (Btu / h) (Min / Nominal / Max): 3.071 / 19.795 / 21.972
  • Indoor unit weight (Kg): 11,6
  • Outdoor Unit Weight (Kg): 36,7
  • Dimensions of Inner unit (H x W x D): 34,5 x 99,8 x 21 cm
  • Dimensions of outdoor unit (H x W x D):  54,5 x 77 x 28,8 cm

LG Air Condition LIBERO PLUS S09EQ


  • Inverter compressor with 10 years warranty. Revolutionary inverter technology delivers stunning performance, it is silent but also effective and is accompanied by a generous 10-year warranty. Energy saving.
  • The Inverter compressor constantly adjusts the speed of the compressor to maintain the desired temperature level. In addition, the LG Smart Inverter with a range of frequencies for energy saving mode saves more power than conventional compressors Quick Cooling.
  • The LG air conditioners cool the air quickly using the high-speed large cooling range with the LG Smart Inverter technology, deploying the air further and cooling the space faster.
  • Simple and elegant design. The stylish and modern design of LG air conditioners makes installation and cleaning easy with the EZ sliding filter. In addition, the large hidden display is ideal for controlling energy readings quickly and easily
  • Low noise level of 19 dB. LG air conditioners operate at a low noise level thanks to LG's unique curved blades and BLDC motor technology, eliminating unnecessary noise and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Active Energy Control. Active Energy Control lets you set the power consumption level as appropriate. Enjoy a cold and comfortable atmosphere while saving energy
  • Comfort Air. Με την λειτουργία Comfort Air μπορείτε να ρυθμίσετε εύκολα το πτερύγιο σε προκαθορισμένη θέση ώστε ο αέρας να εκτρέπεται μακριά από τα άτομα που βρίσκονται στο δωμάτιο.
  • Fast and easy installation. LG air conditioners are designed for easy and efficient installation, regardless of the location and number of people involved in the installation process. So you can install more air conditioners in more homes in less time Double Protection Filter.
  • The dual-protection filter captures dust particles that are larger than 10 ㎛ and bacteria. Quick heating. The 4-way Auto Swing function allows for air flow adjustment according to the surrounding area, ensuring quick heating and optimal hot air distribution.
  • Automatic cleaning. The integrated automatic cleaning function prevents the formation of bacteria and mold in the heat exchanger ensuring a more pleasant and comfortable environment for the user.
  • Gold Fin. Gold Fin gives the surface more corrosion resistance and enhances the heat exchanger for longer periods of time.