Air Purifier Sencor, SHA8400WH

  • Power: 55 watt
  • An elegant and effective solution for improving indoor air quality.
  • Four-phase filtration ensures highest possible efficiency.
  • Inflow filter captures coarse dust particles and allergens.
  • HEPA 13 filter very effectively captures dust, pollen, mites and various allergens.
  • The carbon filter absorbs molecules that create odours and toxins.
  • The UV-C lamp disinfects the air (at a wavelength of 254 nm it destroys 99.92% of all microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi).
  • The ionization module emits negative ions, refreshes air and supports clustering and deposition of dust particles and other undesirable objects.
  • Intuitive touch control panel.
  • Automatic timer can be set to 2, 4 and 8 hours.
  • 3 air purification speeds.
  • Easy to replace filters.
  • UV-C lamp lifetime of 20,000 hours (more than 5 years of standard operation).
  • Air ionisation.
  • Suitable for room sizes up to: 25 m².
  • Weight: 3.27 kg