Oil Radiator Cecotec, 05349

  • Great maximum power, 2000 watt (MaxWarm).
  • Adjustable thermostat with 3 power levels to optimize energy consumption: minimum 800 W, medium 1200 W and maximum 2000 W.
  • Homogenic 360 system, helps spreading heat homogeneously.
  • WarmSpace technology capable of heating up to 20 m² efficiently.
  • Protection against overheating, Overprotect System: AutoOff system that automatically stops the fan heater if heat excess is detected.
  • Includes system to wind and store the cord to save space.
  • EasyGo system for an easy transport. Includes an ergonomic handle and multidirectional wheels that allow moving it comfortably.
  • Power light indicator.
  • Complies with current regulation related to environmental safety and protection.
  • 11 fins.