Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cecotec, 05701

  • 3-in-1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner: Upright, broom and handheld, with Digital Brushless motor, maximum suction power and 360 design to remove dust from everywhere. 
  • DigitalBrushless technology with cutting-edge motor without brushes. Offers greater speed, less noise and lengthens the vacuum cleaner’s lifespan.
  • Ensures maximum efficiency with its Multiphasic System.
  • ForceSonic technology with maximum power of 430 W. Vacuums all types of dust and keeps your home constantly clean, maximising its 24-kPa suction power.
  • Typhoon system that maximises its impressive suction power up to 130 W.
  • Immortal Battery system with Ion-Lithium battery, 2500 mAh and 25.9 V, that reaches a 65-minute run time and reduces the charging time to 4 hours. Vacuum your whole house without recharging.
  • 3 operating modes: Eco, Daily and Turbo. Adapts to every circumstance. Eco mode maximises the battery life and offers perfect results, Daily mode offers the best efficiency and suction power combination, and Turbo mode removes the harshest dust and vacuums carpets.
  • Double motorised brush: One made of sponge for hard floors, and a 2-material one made of bristles and silicone for all types of surfaces. Its design turns it into the most powerful cordless stick vacuum cleaner, that removes all types of dust from every type of surface.
  • 360º Technology that allows reaching every corner, even the highest ones. Its weight rests on the handle, therefore it can be lifted comfortably.
  • Maximum efficiency throughout its service life thanks to its Cyclonic System technology. Includes the latest vacuuming developments to separate particles through centrifugal force.
  • Includes high-performance filter to retain high percentage of dust and allergens.
  • Large-capacity tank, 800 ml, to vacuum your whole house.
  • 83-dB noise level, much less than any other vacuum cleaner of similar power. It does not disturb during day or night.
  • Designed to clean all types of surfaces, soft or hard.
  • LED display that shows remaining battery and allows optimising cleaning cycles.
  • Wide accessory kit composed of a brush for hard floors, 2-material brush, wall bracket, wide nozzle and narrow nozzle for furniture and corners.
  • Its light weight, 2.5 kg, allows moving it with complete freedom and comfort.
Ηλεκτρική σκούπα χειρός Cecotec, 05701

Vacuum cleaner with digital motor, Conga RockStar 500 X-Treme by Cecotec. 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner: Upright, electric broom and handheld, with Digital Brushless motor. 430-W power and 24 KPA. Up to 65-minute run time. Maximum efficiency. Cyclonic technology.