Vacuum Cleaner Cecotec, 05559

The package includes

  • The vacuum cleaner
  • The head suitable for carpets / floor
  • The head for corners
  • The telescopic tube
  • Head for furniture
  • Head for the corners
  • Cloth cleaning accessory


  • Cyclonic technology without bag
  • Suitable for hard floors & carpets
  • Cable collection button
  • Smart Power Regulation system
  • Handle for easy movement
  • Suction: 20 Kpa
  • Bucket with a capacity of 3.5 Lt
  • Turbo & Eco function
  • Large radius of action up to 9 m
  • Low level 72 dB

The vacuum cleaner, from the company Cecotec, thanks to the Cyclonic System technology, achieves excellent cleaning while maintaining a constant suction power throughout its useful life. It has a powerful power of 800 W, a bucket with a capacity of 3.5 Lt with easy emptying and a metal, telescopic tube. The vacuum cleaner includes a set of high efficiency filters that filter a large percentage of particles and allergens for excellent filtration.

Thanks to its Smart Power Regulation system, it allows you to modify the power to adjust the cleaning to any situation. Use the Turbo function for the hardest cleaning of carpets and the Eco function for daily cleaning and energy saving.