Sandwich Maker Sage, 800GR

  • Power: 2400 watt
  • Contact grill, which can also be used as an open BBQ grill
  • Temperature setting range of 180-220°C
  • The timer can be set up to 15 minutes
  • Ribbed plates at the top and bottom
  • The height of the top plate is adjustable
  • Quantanium surface plates
  • Adjustable top plate slope to drain excess fat
  • Grease and juice drain into a removable bowl
  • Indicator light

Enjoy the best steaks, even in winter, with the 800GR grill from the premium Sage brand. Its unique design means it can be used as an open BBQ grill to make use of both grill areas. You can even prepare vegetables, eggs, pancakes or potato cakes with ease. The surface of the grill is made of non-stick Quantanium, which minimises the need for oil. The slope of the top plate is easy to adjust so that all the excess fat from the prepared food is drained into the removable drip tray. When preparing your favourite goodies, you can set the temperature range between 180 and 220°C. It also features an integrated timer.