Toaster Cecotec, 08013

  • Power: 1400 watt
  • Toaster with 2 slots for making 4 slices
  • Elegant design finished in stainless steel and LED light indicators to stand out.
  • Suitable for making both thick and thin toast
  • Toaster rack for warming and crispening buns
  • 5 power levels: Allows adjusting the desired bread toasting level.
  • It includes 2 preset functions to heat and defrost at the moment. The reheating function is used to reheat toasts in just a few seconds, and the defrost one toasts frozen bread straight away.
  • High lift function for easy removal of smaller bread pieces
  • Crumb-collecting tray, easy to remove for fast and simple cleaning

YummyToast Extra Double bread toaster by Cecotec. Double large slot, 1400 W and stainless-steel finish. Includes bun holder, crumb-collecting tray and defrost/heat function.