Wine Cooler Fagor, SOWINE

  • Fagor presents Sowine, a new system to enjoy the wine once opened.
  • It is an exclusive Fagor product designed to preserve the wine bottles once opened for the next 10 days in the best temperature and conservation conditions.
  • It is a unique product in the market that conserves wine thanks to its vacuum technology and allows you to taste it at the temperature you choose. When introducing the open bottle in Sowine, it is sealed under vacuum thanks to a conservation cork that is introduced through the neck of the bottle. When the door is opened again, the cork rises leaving the bottle free.
  • Sowine has two compartments with independent temperature selection, which can be selected depending on the type of wine you want to introduce. According to experts, red wine must be stored between 16ºC-18ºC, rosé between 12-14ºC and white between 10-12ºC. 
  • It has dimensions of 426 x 245 x 248 mm and a power of 87 W. Outside, its doors are transparent glass and has light indicators to control the temperature. Thanks to its design, Sowine can be used as a wine cellar simply by maintaining the most appropriate temperature.