Hair Dryer Cecotec, 04200

  • Power: 2300 watt 
  • Pro Ionizer function. Thanks to the real ion that our IoniCare 5200 Aura hair dryer features, it makes your hair look shinier, more moisturized, and also enhances your hair’s natural anti-frizz properties. Your hair always perfect.
  •  IoniCare 5200 Aura by Cecotec produces a great flow rate and dries hair fast and evenly. It prevents colour and shine loss, allowing you to dry and shape it without damage.
  • Pro Style. IoniCare 5200 Aura looks after your hair by improving cuticle sealing, resulting in super shiny finish and no colour loss.
  • Enjoy professional and long-lasting hairstyles as if they were done by real hair dressers; straight and silky.
  • The diffuser included with the hair dryer is ideal for obtaining greater and more natural roots volume and to define curls professionally.
  • It includes HairCare technology, that protects your hair against overheating and ensures hair protection, brightness and flexibility.
  • Cool air function. The cool shot button produces real cool-air flow and is used after combing or finishing your hairstyle as it offers extra hair hold and allows it to last for longer.
  • Total control. Adjust it to your hair requirements thanks to its temperature and speed settings. It has 2 speed settings (Turbo/Medium) and 3 temperature settings (Hot/Medium/Cool).
  • It includes a 1.8-metre cord that allows a more comfortable use wherever you are.
  • The hair dryer’s filter is very useful and easy to clean, as the back grid can be removed. It also lengthens the hair dryer’s service life and allows it to operate at peak performance.
  • It includes a resistant ring to hang the dryer or to store it while it is not used.

Ionic 2300-W hairdryer, with real ion for a for a shiny and frizz-free hair. Produces a great flow rate for a faster hair drying.  Pro Style looks after your hair by improving cuticle sealing and obtain super shiny results and no colour loss. Includes precision nozzle and diffuser for a natural maxi-volume in the hair roots.