Fully Automatic Coffee Maker Cecotec, 01581

  • Thanks to the Plug&Play system, this compact mega-automatic coffee machine brews espressos and Americano coffees with fresh ground coffee by just pressing 1 button.
  • Its powerful pressure pump with 19-bar ForceAroma technology achieves the best froth and maximum coffee taste.
  • Fast heating system through Thermoblock that ensures perfect coffee in just a few seconds.
  • Adapts to all likings, you can customize and save quantities, coffee intensity and temperature.
  • Large user-friendly LCD display.
  • Its 250-gram tank for coffee beans is hermetically sealed, therefore preserves the original aroma. Includes conical built-in mill with 5 different levels.
  • Allows brewing coffee with ground coffee thanks to its separate inlet.  Ideal for brewing quick decaf coffees whenever you like.
  • Includes steam tube to achieve the desired milk texture and the best milk creaminess. It also produces hot water for tea.
  • AlwaysClean system to have your coffee machine always ready.
  • 1.7-litre removable water tank.
  • Energy-saving system with auto-off and stand-by. 
  • Adjustable coffee spout, from 10.5 cm to 15 cm, in order to adapt to espresso cups and large breakfast cups.
  • The coffee residues processor and tank can be easily removed for proper maintenance.
  • Its 1350 W allows preparing all types of coffees.
  • Removable drip tray for an easy cleaning and flotation system with light indicator.

Mega-automatic coffee machine Power Matic-ccino 6000 Serie Nera, for real lovers of freshly ground coffee. Enjoy espresso and cappuccino. 

It features a fast-heating system through Thermoblock, 18 bars of pressure, Auto mode for 1 or 2 coffees and steerable steam tube.