Dehumidifier Cecotec, 05608

  • Great dehumidification power of up to 20L/day, decreases humidity concentration in the environment, increases well-being, avoids furniture deterioration and illnesses arising from humidity.
  • Large removable tank (4.5 litres) for maximum comfort.
  • Choose between its 2 dehumidifying speeds, low or high, and adjust it to each situation and environment.
  • Capable of dehumidifying up to 250 m3/h (rooms of up to 90 m2), therefore it is perfect for offices, halls…
  • Auto-off when full tank to avoid water from leaking and to ensure less energy consumption.
  • Allows selecting the room humidity level in percentage, from 40 % to 80 %, for maximum comfort.
  • 12-hour programmable timer with auto-off. Forget about it when operating it.
  • LED display for viewing all available operating modes, temperature and room humidity.
  • Touch control for a simple and user-friendly use.
  • Includes Sleep mode, during which it lowers its noise level and combines usability, efficiency and dehumidifying power.
  • Its silent operating allows using it at every moment, even when babies are sleeping.
  • Air filter to prevent large particles from entering the device, resulting in higher-quality air.
  • Elegant and clean design with smooth lines. Decorate any space at home.
  • Casters and handle for moving it comfortably from room to room.
  • Dry clothes mode to speed up the process of removing humidity from garments.